Section 47 Awards


Section 5.5: Nominations Process

A. Nominations Period: Nominations for formal section awards shall be open for a 4 week period beginning 6 weeks prior to the Section Conference.

B. Nomination Method: All nominations must be made in writing, either paper or electronic and received within the nomination period.

C. Nomination Content: In addition to the specific information listed in the criteria must include the name and chapter affiliation of both the nominee and the nominator when such exist (e.g. no name exists for the nominee of a chapter award only the affiliation)

D. Nomination Certification: The Awards Chair shall verify that the award contains all necessary information and determine if the nomination meets the criteria set forth in the appendix. The Awards Chair will report his/her decision with justification to the nominator no later than three days following the close of the nomination period. If desired, the nominator may resubmit a revised nomination within one week of notification. Upon certification the nomination shall be entered into the agenda of the Awards Committee Meeting.

E. Nomination Certification Repeal: Any award not certified as meeting the criteria by the awards chair, may be certified by a 2/3 vote of the Awards Committee, and thus shall be considered at the same Awards Committee Meeting.

B1.3: Brother of the Year

The Brother(s) of the Year Award is presented to the active Brother(s) who has/have made a significant contribution to the three Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

Please describe the Brother’s efforts at being a friend, being a leader and being of service to others at the Chapter and Section level. Include details on the following criteria and information:

A. Openly accepting and friendly towards others, especially Actives, Pledges, and rushes;
B. Puts forth an effort to meet new people especially new members and people from other Chapters;
C. List of leadership positions held; include Executive Board and committee positions and length of time in office;
D. Emphasize the style of leadership; describe how this Brother gets others to follow them;
E. Amount of service done in the past year;
F. Stand out in helping with a particular (or more than one) service project, and what they did;
G. Include length of time this person has been in APO, including pledging.

Last Updated March 24, 2014